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How do I track my order?

배송시 트랙 번호를 제공 합니다.

We will provide the track number upon delivery.


What are your delivery options?

배송기간은 7~14일 정도 걸립니다.

 $100 이상 구입시 무료배송이며

 $100이하 구입시엔 $8의 택배비가 청구됩니다.

Delivery time is about 7 to 14 days.

Free shipping on purchases over $100 and

Purchases under $100 will be charged a $8 courier fee.



How can I contact your ?

KaKaoTalk ID : stylejeeausa 

E-mail :



What is your returns policy?

주문과 동시에 한국으로 개별 주문하기 때문에 

교환/반품은 안됩니다.

Exchanges/returns are not possible as they are ordered individually to Korea at the same time as the order.

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